My name is Jessica Mangione. Since this moment is all we ever really have, I thank you for choosing to share

this one with me!  

With all that life has offered me to grow from, all the many ways my perceptions and thoughts have changed by living, there is one truth that has always remained. It is a constant source that feeds my life force and transforms pain into beauty.  It is Creative Expression, and it is to me as air is for one to stay alive.  It comes through me in many ways -- by writing or singing, capturing a moment in a photograph, revealing something magical in a person through art, or perhaps by helping to heal an ailing body.  I find meaning when I communicate “what or who I am.“  I find peace and inspiration when I have the opportunity to connect with the light of another soul.  This is my joy….this is my purpose!  I am grateful for this reality and I would

like to share more of my story with you.  

I was born into a family of entertainers.  My mother is the sixth daughter of ten children.  Seven girls and three boys.  My maternal grandmother and grandfather were also both born into large musical families. They made their living as musicians, singers and entertainers. Truly, I was given a microphone instead of a pacifier!  My father is an Italian chef from New York.  He has a knack for making people feel at home and regal all at

the same time.  My parents raised me with a lot of love.  Delicious food and beautiful music. They taught me to express myself and follow my dreams.  And that -- I do. I began singing at three and remember wishing I could be just like my Mom.  My family had three bands, and my mom Kathy, Auntie Kriss, Annalisa and Alina played

in one of the three bands together.  Watching them on stage was my favorite pastime.  I knew from a very

young age  that I was part of something very special.  It was something I saw in peoples' eyes when they would come to one of our holiday gatherings. My cousins and I would watch my grandmother and see a radiant

example of grace on piano. Surrounded by her seven daughters -- each with their own yet obvious ray of light.  The eight beautiful women brought a sound and sense of loves' beauty into being. It seems grand and unreal

to me when I think back on it now. It was, and yet this is how my life began. My family was always a driving force for my success.  I wanted them to know they had done good in my life and I would return to them all that

I was blessed with ten fold.  Though much has changed in all our lives, nothing can erase the truth of  that

time in my story. We were blessed with many years of  the strength and bond of family ties. I created a movie

of our story in honor of my grandmother, “The Song Bird of Life.”  You can view that under the Visual Artist

tab, multimedia.  One year I gave my family a Christmas gift that expressed my gratitude for all the years they

gifted me and others with their virtues and talent. It’s called “8 faces of Grace.”  You can find it on the “Other Works” page.
 I signed my first record deal at 18. I spent a decade in Las Vegas and sang on many stages, which helped me

to really understand who I was as an entertainer and what “my dream” meant at that time.  I explored why people act the way they do. I wondered how it is that when a heart seems to be in the right place,

situations or relationships can drift and go wrong. I sought understanding.  My journey “down the rabbit hole” is dedicated to peeling back the layers of the subconscious mind.  Addiction, Death, Heart Break, Break

Through, Freedom, Love, Fear, Inner Strength, Self Awareness  -- I am a student of all of these experiences. Teacher of some.  There is noway I can express all that is in my heart in a few paragraphs. However, along

my journey I have written songs that are like children to me. Just as a child resembles characteristics of who

we are when they come into being, so are songs living proof of a time, a place, a feeling.  The imprint of my souls' expression of life.  In my poetry, I have found a friend that will always have the courage to show me the truth that I must face.  Or the perfection in connection. The many faces and places I have experienced over

time are reflected in my photography and art. Without realizing it, I documented my life through imagery, letters and song. I will continue to add pieces of my  stories timeline to this site. To connect and give another

a reason to smile, to look into another so that they might feel seen. So that we may all come together in self acceptance and love. To recognize the power in our differences and live with the knowing that we ARE ALL unique and so important in the symphony of creation.  I share and hope that you might find clarity or comfort from something I have lived through and created from. I thank you for reading.  ​I wish you all that you are!

My Story